Episode Two

May 5, 2016

Welcome to the comedy improvisation podcast, Bonimprov. 

Two blokes, one mic and YOU send us scenarios for us to riff with @bonimprov 

The situations on this weeks podcast were supplied by @VixenRouge @MaggieMimsy @krynoidpodcast @nictreadwell @spielerman and are:- 

  • When typically docile animals attack 
  • Donald Trump the marriage councillor 
  • Man has to tell his son about the birds and the bees
  • Boss has to tell a worker they’ve missed out on a promotion
  • Zippy and Bungle from Rainbow recount how from they lost their virginity 
  • Dr. Ted Cruz, OBGYN delivers his first baby 

So if you wear a kilt, take it off, mmmmmm. 

We look forward to reading and riffing the scenarios you send us for the next podcast on Twitter @bonimprov





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