Episode One

April 20, 2016

Welcome to the comedy improvisation podcast, Bonimprov. 

Two blokes, one mic and YOU send us scenarios for us to riff with @bonimprov 

The situations on this weeks podcast were supplied by @krynoidpodcast @RedShift77 @spielerman and are:- 

  • A world where Ty Beanie Bears are the only form of currency 
  • Man takes a faulty microwave back to the shop 
  • Durex exec meeting deciding on a new flavour 
  • Man complains to bloke next door about noisey sex keeping him awake
  • George Lucas being announced as the director of Star Wars Ep 9 

So if you wear shoes, take them off, kick back and relax to our latest offering. 

We look forward to reading and riffing the scenarios you Tweet us for the next podcast @bonimprov





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